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Syracuse Area Health Offers New Patient Portal

Syracuse Area Health offers new patient portal, implements advanced technology to optimize communication and enhance overall patient experience

Syracuse Area Health is pleased to offer patients the HealtheLife patient portal to manage their individual healthcare information. Starting October 4, patients can utilize the secure online tool to schedule appointments, view lab results, communicate with providers, request prescription refills and more.

Rollout of the HealtheLife patient portal comes in conjunction with Syracuse Area Health’s partnership with Cerner, advanced medical record technology that streamlines information flow and improves efficiencies for both patients and providers.

“We’re always looking for ways to improve the patient experience,” said Michael Harvey, president and CEO of Syracuse Area Health. “Cerner closes the gaps in communication, which is vital in healthcare. Patients have a more advanced portal to manage their information, and the technology streamlines processes at the clinical level. Everything is more efficient; health records are integrated so providers, specialists and care teams have the information they need to make informed decisions about patient care.”

During the upgrade, Syracuse Area Health notes that patients should anticipate that their next healthcare appointment may take longer than usual. To ensure a smooth transition of protected information, patients should allow for extra time at their next visit and plan to:

  • Bring their health insurance cards to verify insurance information
  • Verify their medical history and medications
  • Update or provide email information

Even with extra time needed for the initial program rollout, leaders at the healthcare system are confident the enhanced safety and accessibility of the software will far outweigh any short-term delays. Once information is updated, Syracuse Area patients can utilize their secure HealtheLife patient portal to:

  • Schedule appointments
  • View test results, including lab and X-ray
  • Send messages to providers
  • View clinical notes
  • Request medication refills or renew prescriptions
  • Record wellness information such as blood pressure, weight, activity and nutrition
  • Complete forms prior to appointments
  • Manage the care of family members—with proper consent

To learn more about the HealtheLife patient portal, or with questions about how the upgrade will impact upcoming appointments, visit our patient portal page.

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