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Coming Soon: On-Site MRI Services at Syracuse Area Health

As part of the ongoing efforts to meet the changing and growing healthcare needs of the community, Syracuse Area Health is proud to announce that they will soon have on-site MRI services.

“The volume of MRIs we’ve been providing has been growing steadily over the last several years,” Michael Harvey, Syracuse Area Health President and CEO said, “So we began analyzing what it would take to have an in-house MRI system to fulfill this need in Syracuse and beyond.”

Currently, Syracuse Area Health utilizes a mobile MRI program that comes to the hospital twice a week. While this service—performed in a converted semi-trailer—has served the hospital well, having a permanent MRI will provide a vastly improved patient experience and an overall higher standard of care.

“We’re extremely happy with our current MRI partner,” Michael shared, “But with them only coming to Syracuse twice a week, when patients need an MRI sooner, they need to travel to Lincoln which isn’t ideal. This will eliminate that unnecessary travel.”

In addition to allowing people to get the MRIs they need close to home without a wait, on-site MRIs will be easier to access and provide a more comfortable experience. Plus, they will utilize the latest in MRI technology for the most reliable results to help with diagnosing or monitoring medical conditions.

“It’s just really a great step forward for Syracuse Area Health and our patients,” Michael explained. “And it will be so much easier for our providers to order MRIs for their patients without having to worry about availability.”

To ensure the best possible patient MRI experience, Syracuse Area Health is adding on to their existing facility. By building the new MRI room “from scratch” rather than repurposing an existing space, they can ensure it perfectly meets the growing needs of the community.

As this project gets underway, completion is tentatively planned for December or January.

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