2731 Healthcare Drive, Syracuse, NE 68446
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Auxiliary Thrift Shop

Syracuse Area Health Auxiliary is a lifeline to the hospital. In April of 1952, the Auxiliary was organized with a mission to help and support the hospital. Past and current projects include scholarship donations, Good Samaritan bingo, hosting open houses for staff, decorating the lobby at Christmas, furnishing magazines for the waiting rooms, managing the hospital gift shop and thrift shops. With the opening of the Thrift Shop in December of 2007 the Auxiliary has been able to fund many improvements to the hospital.

The SAH Auxiliary meets the 2nd Tuesday of the month in January, April, July and October. The meetings are held at the hospital at 1:30 p.m. Everyone in the hospital district is encouraged to join the auxiliary and help support the hospital. Annual dues are $5.00.

Thrift Shop
*shopping and donation hours subject to change based on space and volunteer availability
The Thrift Shop Is Unable To Accept The Following Items:
  • Furniture
  • Electronics (Computers, Printers, TVs, VCRs, DVD Players, Fax Machines)
  • Mattresses
  • Bed Pillows
  • Infant/Toddler Car Seats
  • Baby Beds
  • Broken, Damaged, or Worn Items
  • Encyclopedias
  • Readers Digest
  • Magazines
  • VCR tapes
  • CDs
  • Cassette tapes
  • Bibles
  • Text Books


Year Amount Items
2008 $14,413.60 7 items including baby changing stations, over the bed tables, Lobby furniture, TV, WOW's
2009 $41,532.05 16 items including Zoll Auto Pulse, EKG, InSpectra, PT power Track and furnishings
2010 $60,855.75 13 items including the patient room remodels
2011 $53,265.78 27 items including furnishings, carpet, Hi/Low Exam table, treadmill, PT Estim & Ultrasound, Security Camera System
2012 $54,978.58 29 items including Automatic Doors in Weeping Water, Capnographer, Pharmacy refrigerator, Cholestrech, Floor Burnisher, Blanket/fluid warmer, EKG
2013 $68,275.90 Over 22 items including, Neptune Suction System for surgery, Extractor for housekeeping, 6 transport chairs and 10 Lifeline phones, Vaccine/Immunization refrigerators and freezers, monitors, keyboards, otoscopes...
2014 $68,559.02 Over 17 items including FC flooring, car seats, ice machine, Hi/Lo exam table, reference books
2015 $67,763.21 Over 16 items including Smart IV pumps, blanket warmer, security cameras, Dictaphones, spin bikes, Connex Spot machines, AccuVein Finder
2016 $24,945.08 Over 14 items including Smith Machine and parallel bars, Aquatic matting RT suction heads, walkers, BP machines, rowing machine
2017 $181,061.51 11 items including $150,000 donation to CMH foundation for new hospital, IV pumps, FC equipment
2018 $111,153.27 5 items including $100,00 donated to Foundation for new hospital, floor scrubber, wide vacuum, surgery braces & clamps, oximeters
2019 $27,892.07 10 items including Trurize Chair, Cast Saw Vacuum, Pelvic Muscle Rehab, Hospital bed mattresses
2020 $32,683.00 4 items including mower, window shades, electrical work and temporal thermometers
2021 $ 12,182.09 5 items including handheld ultrasound scanner, storage baskets, Emergency Blood Warmer, Laptop workstations & Curettes.
2022 $58,873.51 16 items including Welch Allyn Tympanameter System with Printer, Handheld Dopplers, Cast Cutter Saw, Wireless Barcode Scanners, Thermometers, HP Laptops, Bench for IV Anteroom, Resistance Bands, Punching Bags, Foam Balance Blocks, Game Ready Unit with Wraps, Plyoboxes Set, Kettle Bell Set & Oakworks 100 Series Procedure Chair for the Therapy Department.
2023 $34,883.00 18 items including Carpet Cleaner, Suture Shelf, Wheel Stretcher with Scale, GameReady Wrap- Knee, Elbow, & Ankle, GameReady Portable Cart to transport GameReady device and wraps, BlazePod PT Clinic Bundle, Chattanooga Electrotherapy, Medical Pathfinders Program, Supplies & Equipment, Locking cart of IV supplies, Adult & infant test lungs, IV Start Training Arms, Medical Pathfinders Program, Training Mannequins & Equipment
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