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Congratulations to SAH Physical Therapist, Tim Parmley!

Congratulations to SAH Physical Therapist, Tim Parmley! Tim recently completed the Certified Integrated Manual Therapist Program (CIMT), and is one of only a few therapists in Nebraska with this certification. The program trains therapists to assess dysfunction from a whole body perspective and helps to “connect the dots” from where the driver of the pain is to where the symptoms reside using an eclectic manual therapy approach.

“When I took the first course based on the Shoulder in 2012, I felt that what I learned, and the techniques from the class, were immediately applicable to our clientele in southeastern Nebraska. I continued to take more of the Great Lakes Seminars classes and found my clinical judgement and manual therapy skills continued to evolve. After enjoying and using a lot of the material from the first few courses, I realized I was getting pretty close to the requirement for the Certification class. That’s when I decided to pursue the full Certification. The best part of earning the Certified Integrated Manual Therapist certification, is that I feel more confident and capable in my skill set. My goal is to help my patients to the best of my ability and I feel very confident that I can live up to that statement.”

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