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Skilled Rehabilitation Services: extra healing between hospital and home

A short-term stay to help make long-term recovery easier

Skilled Rehabilitation Services — also known as Swing Bed Services — is short-stay care for patients who have been discharged from an acute hospital stay but need extra medical monitoring and treatment before returning home. At Syracuse Area Health, patients can continue their recovery after a surgery, extended illness or injury at a comfortable, modern facility that feels like home—and is closer for family and friends to visit. Patients receive 24/7 skilled nursing care, therapies and education to recover more completely. They can also learn adaptations for daily living activities and regain the strength and confidence to return home safely.

Close, comfortable, customized care

Syracuse Area Health Skilled Rehabilitation Services are a close, comfortable alternative to a care facility, like a nursing home. Patients wear their own clothing, enjoy delicious meals and receive individualized treatments with an emphasis on maximizing health, recovery and creating a smoother transition between hospital and home. Even patients who have received care at a different hospital can continue recovery where it’s closer for them and their families.

An entire team dedicated to helping people restore independence

Patients work closely with a skilled team of registered nurses, therapists, nursing assistants, medical social workers, dieticians and other providers who customize treatments and services to help them meet their health goals and return home with confidence. On-site services include:

• Around-the-clock skilled nursing care
• Physical, occupational, respiratory and speech therapies
• Infusion treatments
• Pain management
• Wound care
• Cardiac monitoring
• Pharmacy
• Nutrition
• Social work

Who needs Skilled Rehabilitation Services?

Skilled Rehabilitation Services give patients time to adapt, recover and learn skills to manage their health and restore their independence. Extra care also helps reduce the risk of relapse and returning to the hospital for another acute stay. At Syracuse Area Health, Skilled Rehabilitation Services are highly personalized and ideal for people:

• Requiring physical, occupational, or speech therapies for a more complete recovery
• Recovering from a major surgery like joint replacement, heart or abdominal procedure
• Needing assistance with wounds that are not healing or require special care
• Needing IV or nutritional therapy
• To learn skills and adaptations to confidently return home to live a healthy, independent life

If you or a loved one need care after a hospital stay, ask your provider about recovery where it’s closer to home—and family and friends. To learn more about Syracuse Area Health Skilled Rehabilitation Services, call 402-269-7634.

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