Skilled Rehabilitation Services

Skilled Rehabilitation—also known as a swing bed program—is short-stay care where patients continue recovery after an acute hospital stay before returning home. At Syracuse Area Health, patients receive around-the-clock medical monitoring, skilled nursing care, education, and customized treatments to help them regain strength, restore independence, and reduce the risk of a relapse.


Care between hospital and home

Skilled Rehabilitation helps create a smooth transition between hospital and home. Patients receive customized care from a skilled team while learning adaptions to daily activities to help them regain independence and return home with confidence.

Skilled Rehabilitation is ideal for patients:  

  • Recovering after a major surgery like joint replacement, heart surgery, or abdominal procedure
  • Requiring help with wounds that are not healing or need special care
  • Needing IV or nutritional therapy
  • Receiving physical, occupational, or speech therapies

Rehab that's closer—to return home safer

Skilled Rehabilitation at Syracuse Area Health is a close, comfortable alternative to a care facility, like a nursing home. Patients enjoy delicious meals, wear their own clothing, and receive care customized to their needs and health goals. Even patients who have received care at a different hospital can continue recovery at Syracuse Area Health and enjoy spacious, private rooms at a modern facility that feels like home and is closer for family and friends to visit.

If you or a loved one need continued care after an injury, illness, or surgery, ask your provider about Skilled Rehabilitation Services at Syracuse Area Health. To learn more, call 402-269-7634.

Meet Barb and find out how her Skilled Rehabilitation stay at Syracuse Area Health provided the extra level of care she needed to safely heal and return home.