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iovera° Knee Pain Management

Myoscience’s iovera° technology disrupts the transmission of pain signals to the brain by taking advantage of the body’s natural response to cold. This mechanism is referred to as cryoanalgesia (cryo = cold, analgesia = pain relief). The iovera° treatment uses the body’s natural response to cold to treat peripheral nerves and immediately reduce pain – without the use of drugs. Treated nerves are temporarily stopped from sending pain signals for a period of time, followed by a restoration of function.

The iovera° Treatment

SAH is proud to offer knee pain management with the iovera° treatment. The treatment works by applying targeted cold to a peripheral nerve. A precise cold zone is formed under the skin – cold enough to immediately prevent the nerve from sending pain signals without causing damage to surrounding structures. The result is pain relief for up to 90 days or more.

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