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Cardiac Services

At Syracuse Area Health, you have the heartfelt commitment of our expert cardiac therapy teams – from comprehensive evaluation and diagnosis to personalized treatments and ongoing support. Program components include exercise, nutrition counseling, and stress management, and are tailored to fit individual needs to ensure patients gain the greatest benefit from the program and can live fuller, happier lives.

To learn more about Cardiac Services, contact your cardiologist, primary care provider, or the SAH Cardiac Rehab Office at 402-269-7615.

To accurately diagnose heart conditions - or check the effectiveness of medication and treatments - heart health may be evaluated using:

Electrocardiogram (EKG)

An electrocardiogram is a fast, painless, noninvasive test. Small electrodes are placed on the skin at certain spots of the chest, arms, and legs with wires that connect to a monitor. The electrical activity of the heart is recorded, evaluated, and used to detect problems.

24-hour cardiac monitor

Patients wear a Holter monitor for 12 to 48 hours and go about regular daily routine and activities. The continuous test is painless and noninvasive and records patients’ heart rates and rhythms for 24 hours and helps physicians diagnose conditions or see if medications are effective.

Treadmill or chemical stress tests

Stress tests are administered upon provider order here at Syracuse Area Health with mobile nuclear medicine services from both Pioneer Heart and Bryan Heart. Nuclear images are read by a cardiologist.

30-day cardiac event recorder

Cardiac event monitoring records patients’ heart rhythms as they experience symptoms such as dizziness, fainting spells, palpitations, shortness of breath or chest pain. Patients go about their usual routine and wear a small, EKG recorder over a period that can range from a few weeks to a month.

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