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Fitness+ Class Schedule


This 60-minute class will keep you moving from station to station, combining fierce combinations to give you a full body workout! Balance, strength, stamina, core and MORE. No two classes will ever be the same.


This 60-minute resistance experience will leave your muscles on fire! Burn out every muscle group from head to toe with this total body endurance resistance workout. Get in, get out, and get ripped!


This 45-minute cardio class offers low impact moves but is high intensity to raise your heart rate and burn calories. This complete workout includes a warm-up, possible step segment, bootcamp HIIT moves, tabata, interval segment and a cool-down. Modifications for each move are always demonstrated.

WAKE UP (Toning & Core)

This 45-minute class includes cardio with muscle toning and strength exercises to challenge your strength and endurance while burning lots of calories. Core stability is included along with a cool down/stretch to end this dynamic workout.


Have fun and move to the music through a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength, range of motion, and activity for daily life skills. Free weights, resistance bands, and a medicine ball are offered for resistance. A chair can be used for seated moves and stability.


This class will teach children basic tumbling skills to improve balance, coordination, flexibility, motor skills, and strength!


This is a short 30-minute strength, toning and abs workout. So, get your hustle on!


Choose the class that best fits your schedule and interests.

  • Basic Flow Yoga (with Autumn)- 60-minute class designed for all levels of yoga. This class offers the full spectrum of yoga benefits including a vigorous workout, increased flexibility and balance and a bliss filled mind. It is the perfect way to unwind from a busy weekend and get energized for the coming week.
  • Summer Bliss Yoga Flow (with Rachel) - Spark your inner sunshine with a warming flow yoga class. Only positive vibes here. This class will focus on breath work, meditation, and movement.
  • Power Yoga Summer Shred (with Rachel) - This HIIT Yoga will give you strength and cardio packed into a quick lunch. Easy on the joints, yet a powerful a workout. Class will have a beginning warm up, blocks of 20 seconds of intense activity/10 seconds of rest for 8 rounds, and then a cool down with the elements. Meant to be a quick class to fit into your day.

    Bootcamp is a dynamic and intense group workout that combines elements of military style training, HIIT, and functional exercises. This class is designed to provide a total body workout that will challenge you both mentally and physically. Hardcore Bootcamp has a very motivating atmosphere where you will be encouraged to push your limits. You will be challenged to achieve your fitness goals in an energetic group setting that fosters a sense of camaraderie and creates a supportive community within the class. If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you! $100/month (8 classes offered/month).


    Take the plunge and try this low-impact workout that will help you build muscle strength and boost your endurance. You can make this class as challenging as you like. We will lead you through warm up, have a section of cardio and strength training exercises set to upbeat music to keep you motivated. Expect exercises like water walking, high knees, bicep curls, leg lifts, and kickboard moves! We will finish the class with a nice cool down. Don’t worry about swimming because this class takes place in the shallow end of the pool. The buoyancy of the water is easy on your joints. Water aerobics is a great choice if you have joint pain or are recovering from an injury! Soak up some vitamin D and join us for some fun in the sun!! ($2 entrance fee (Free to pool pass holders) + $2 class fee)

    Fitness+ Class Schedule

    5:30am Wake Up! Pam R.HIIT Pam R.Wake Up! Pam R.   
    5:45amHour of Power Kristin   Hour of Power Kristin  
    8:00amFIRE Aimee FIRE Aimee  FIRE Aimee 
    8:30am Hour of Power Kristin  Hour of Power Kristin  
    9:05amSilver Sneakers® Classic Jan Silver Sneakers® Classic Jan    
    12:00pmWater Aerobics JanSummer Bliss Yoga Flow RachelWater Aerobics Jan**Power Yoga Summer Shred RachelWater Aerobics Jan  
    4:30pmHardcore Bootcamp Kristin  Hardcore Bootcamp Kristin   
    5:15pm  Hustle for the Muscle Pam H.    
    6:00pm **Basic Flow Yoga Autumn     
    7:00pm      **Basic Flow Yoga Autumn

    * 30 min class ** 45 min class All other classes 60 min
    Fitness+, 940 12 th Street, Syracuse, NE 68446
    Staffed Hours: Wednesday 8 am – 7 pm
    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 8 am – 5 pm

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