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Acute Neurology & Pulmonary Care Now Available Through Teledigm Health Services

Syracuse Area Health is continuing our mission to provide the highest level of care for patients through new telemedicine services offered in partnership with Teledigm Health and Bryan Telemedicine.

These new services are:

  • Telestroke / Acute Neurology
  • Acute Pulmonary Care

These services will enhance the care of patients who have had neurological events such as strokes, or severe respiratory health events, by providing around-the-clock access to expert neurology and pulmonary specialists who can diagnose and treat patients with technology that makes it seem like they are right in the room.

Syracuse Area Health has added these telemedicine services because they provide significant benefits to patients, including:

  • Immediate access to critical care during serious health events such as stroke or respiratory distress
  • Ability to receive the care needed close to home – reducing the stress and discomfort of travel during an already stressful event
  • In many cases, the care provided may prevent the need to travel to another facility, reducing expenses for patient and family
  • Expert physicians and specialists treat patients as if they are in the room with them, thanks to technology that allows for seamless communication
  • Specialists continue to work with your local provider for continuity of care and to ensure best health outcomes

According to the CDC, someone experiences a stroke every 40 seconds in the United States, and early action is critical—particularly within three hours of the stroke occurring. In rural communities such as Syracuse, ensuring people can get this critical care as quickly as possible is essential, and adding telestroke and acute neurology telemedicine services helps us meet this need.

In addition, these services often mean that patients can remain close to home at Syracuse Area Health for further treatment once initial critical care has been given. Both stroke and pulmonary patients can continue to receive treatment and support from the board-certified physicians available through Teledigm Health.

This is an invaluable benefit for residents of Syracuse and the surrounding area, as patients can now receive the same level of care for these conditions at Syracuse Area Health as they would in larger hospital systems in Lincoln or Omaha.

Syracuse Area Health is thrilled to have these new services available to patients and is even more prepared to provide comprehensive care through their medical staff and telemedicine specialists.

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