Syracuse Area Health Board of Directors Votes Not To Increase Hospital Tax Levy

For the 4th straight year, the Community Memorial Hospital District Board, now doing business as Syracuse Area Health, has voted not to increase the property tax levy. The tax receipts for the hospital this coming year will remain the same as the last three years at $120,155.81. Total Revenue for Syracuse Area Health is projected to be near $21 million this fiscal year resulting in tax receipts making up roughly half a percent of total revenues. Mike Harvey, Syracuse Area Health President and CEO stated, “This was a commitment made by the Board of Directors when the decision was made to build a new facility, and that commitment continues. We have experienced a lot of growth in the organization over the last decade, and as we continue to grow, tax receipts continue to become an even smaller portion of our revenue.”  

The new facility at Syracuse Area Health was funded through low-interest USDA loans and donations to the Syracuse Area Health Foundation by generous community members, memorials, fundraisers, and Auxiliary donations.  To make a tax deductible donation to the Syracuse Area Health Foundation contact Jill Ford at 402-269-7658 or