Dr. Scott Strasburger to Present Seminar on the NAVIO Surgical System

Lincoln, NE (September 19, 2019) – Dr. Scott Strasburger, orthopaedic specialist and sports medicine expert at Syracuse Area Health in Syracuse, Nebraska, remains one of only a handful of Nebraska-based practitioners trained with the NAVIO Surgical System. He is currently raising awareness of the availability of this revolutionary technology.

The groundbreaking robotics development is designed to enhance precision and shorten surgical times by assisting surgeons during partial and total knee replacement surgeries. Traditional knee replacements require manual positioning of tools throughout the surgery and the implant placement process, making them a complex and challenging procedure. Each patient’s mobility ultimately rests on how accurate implant placement is.

“With NAVIO, skilled surgeons such as myself can adapt placement based on our patient’s unique anatomy, with complete mapping of their knee joint in advance, and real time adjustment during surgery itself,” says Dr. Strasburger. “NAVIO works in conjunction with my movements to provide constant updates to the robotics assisted handpiece, allowing me to deliver the most accurate positioning possible of the implant.”

The real time, patient-specific data feed also allows for damaged surfaces of the knee to be removed without additional trauma to healthy adjacent bone or tissue. The advanced surgical technique provided by NAVIO robotics-assistance deliver a high level of accuracy, positioning the implant for better joint balance and increased mobility. 

Since we can now create a personalized surgical plan based on each patient’s data, the result is improved outcomes across the board,” says Dr. Strasburger. “I’m seeing better mobility for my patients, reduced time in the operating room, and faster healing post-surgery.”

On October 10 2019, Dr. Strasburger will be presenting the NAVIO system at Syracuse Area Health, in an hour long seminar followed by a Q & A session to allow potential knee surgery patients and their family members to discuss the treatment. “No one should have to live with the suffering caused by constant knee pain,” concludes Dr. Strasburger. “The NAVIO Surgical System has allowed me to give so many patients their lives back, so they can return to doing the things they love without discomfort or lack of mobility. It’s truly a revolutionary tool and I’m proud to be one of the few surgeons in the state who stepped up to train with the NAVIO system as soon as it was available.”

This free seminar will be held:
October 10th from 6:00 p.m - 7:30 p.m. at Syracuse Area Health
2731 Healthcare Drive, Syracuse, NE 68446.
A light meal will be provided.

Dr. Strasburger will give a short presentation and will be available to answer questions about the NAVIO system. Seating is limited, so interested individuals are encouraged to RSVP at syracuseareahealthnaviosurgery.com/events.php.